Send your congregation into the mission field with Multipli’s Genesis Leader training!

“As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.”
– John 20:21

Many pastors and ministry leaders today would love to send their congregations out into their communities to reach non-believers and introduce them to Jesus.

The main challenge is not lack of heartfelt desire, but often:

1.   They don’t have the bandwidth because they’re busy shepherding their congregation.

2.   They can’t find the volunteers to manage the effort.

3    The programs they do try just don’t seem to sustain themselves long term.

We know the struggle.

We’ve been there.

Multipli can be the solution.

We can partner with you to provide evangelism training to your lay leaders and members of your congregation. Our Genesis Leader program:


is “turn-key” which means it doesn’t require any human resources, facilities, etc. from your church.


is online yet very interactive, relational, engaging, and highly encouraging which promotes strong participation.


is designed to fit into people’s daily lives, so it doesn’t feel like “one more thing” which promotes highly completion rate.


is structured for long-term success, to become part of people’s life rhythms.

How are we different from other evangelism training?  In two words… consistent coaching!

We don’t simply present information and hope that the participants digest it and put it into practice. 

No, our experienced and practitioner coaches actually walk with them over a 9-month period, and provide weekly teaching (a 15-minute video plus a 75-minute zoom coaching “huddle” that they participate in with their peers), and applicable tools so they can practice what they’ve learned and then receive real-time coaching!

Our training produces a change in habits – so what they learn, they actually live it out!

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