Helping others meet Jesus is easier than you think.

You want to help others meet Jesus and develop a relationship with Jesus. Unfortunately, no one has shown you how simple it can be. Multipli can show you how!

Reach your friends

Start small, with your friends, neighbors, family, co-workers, just building intentional relationships… doing life together… sharing Jesus will come organically without pressure… we’ll show you how and coach you through it

Change your city

Some in your community will begin to build their own similar communities, doing life and sharing Jesus, just like you did… they can join Multipli to learn how, or you can show them how… the seed of transformation grows spreading into other neighborhoods

Transform your region

Now, relational community growth to share Jesus really takes off as more and more “spin off” to form new communities, into other cities, counties, etc. All from a single person’s (You) desire to share Jesus with others and your willingness to step out in faith to learn how!

No matter who you are, or your experience, God can use you to share the gospel!

Ryan McKnight

“Through this program I am praying and engaging more with the people around, knowing that when I make the connections, God will be there to do the work.”

Ryan McKnight, Building Manager, TX

Kate Brown

“This challenged me to see each interaction in my life as an opportunity to impact a person or be influenced by a person and to watch where God was asking me to participate in His work with Him. I was held accountable to share my experience each week which resulted in rich relationships and surprising, joy-filled experiences!”

Kate Brown

Chris Cordua

“This gave me a plan for reaching out to my neighborhood and community. The first step for me has been simply building relationships of trust and love. It has provided me with the understanding and the steps involved in a journey to faith so that I can recognize where people are and walk alongside my neighbors and friends on their path to faith.”

Chris Cordua, CA

Kendra Limback

“It has given me some tools to use in our school community, to help bring kids and families closer to Jesus.  The work I’ve done has made me more confident and intentional about sharing Jesus with families.” 

Kendra Limback, Teacher, Iowa

Crystal Dirks

“I came to faith 11 years ago. This training taught me how to share my faith with others. It also gave me tools that I could use and helped me identify who to share my faith with.”

Crystal Dirks, Civil Engineer, California.

Your Story Here!

Share your experiences with Multipli!

Multipli understands sharing your faith in Jesus with non-believers (even friends and family) can be stressful. You’re not alone. The good news is, you don’t have to feel anxious, ill-equipped, or frustrated. We’ve got you! We’ll walk alongside you.

Sharing Jesus and helping others build a relationship with Him is a process. At Multipli we understand that process, and can provide you the training and tools to help you overcome the roadblocks so that sharing the love of Christ is a natural part of your everyday life.

Evangelistic Communities

“Evangelism” can be a daunting word. Truth is, evangelism can happen everyday through simple acts of kindness right where and when life happens. Community Evangelism, building and sharing life with non-believers, is relational… valuing others for who they are, how they are, and where they can be through Jesus. It’s simple. It’s intentional. It happens through You!

We give you the tools, training, and confidence to share Jesus.

It’s a process and a journey well worth living!