Invitation & Challenge 3-Week Study

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We are thankful you are here!

Multipli believes that no matter who you are, or your experience, God can use you to share the gospel. For some this comes naturally, while for others the fear and uncertainty of how to engage those around them will become roadblocks. This study is a first step in helping you overcome those roadblocks and step forward in faith to live in community with those God has placed in your life.

During this study, you will spend time in your Bible, discovering how Jesus regularly interacted with the people he encountered and still engages with us today. As you explore Jesus’ relational patterns, you will be introduced to a tool that will help you gain insight into the relationships in your own life. This tool will equip you to take confident and intentional steps toward nurturing relationships and environments in which you can share the love of Jesus with friends, neighbors, family members and colleagues. Are you ready?

The process is simple… click on the link below specific to the week you’re in, and follow along.  There will be links at the end of each week to progress to the following week

The written portion will help you explore the content on a deeper level as you move at your own pace. It will be helpful to have your Bible on hand during this time.  You will be equipped to experience the content of each session as you apply what you’ve learned to your own life and relationships.

As you walk through each session, it can be tempting to gloss over this call to action and application. If you engage fully in the process, you will find yourself taking intentional steps toward engaging the people God has placed in your life with the love of Jesus. We believe God calls us to do more than take in information–He calls us to act on it!


Week 1 – Jesus’ Pattern

Week 2 – The Quadrant

Week 3 – Apply It!